Strictest law-enforcement SPEED LIDAR with super high resolution and acquisition.
Strictest law-enforcement SPEED LIDAR with super high resolution and acquisition.

The SPEED LIDAR SCL GPS is one customised solutions for police enforcement in South East Asia which has the strictest and highest technical requirements. It is manufacturered by DragonEye Technology LLC - a US company specialised in law-enforcement electro optics and imaging fields.

The technical specification and actual experience is outstanding compared to other existing speed lidars on the market. We highly recommend to set up for a demonstration and trial via

The SPEED LIDAR SCL GPS has unbeatable specifications and performances:

  • Super high acquisition time: only 1/3 second
  • Super clear violation evidence: 12MP, 24x optical zoom, 4x digital zoom, ISO 3200 (6400 with boost) 
  • Superior vehicle acqusition and tracking algorithm even at long ranges. Maximum 3000m
  • Wide speed range: 8-320km/h with very high speed accuracy of 1km/h
  • On board storage up to 1,000 results and battery time up to 32 hours
  • Compact, light weight of 2.1kg
  • Rugged construction: shock resitant, IP67, NEMA 6, CDHR
  • Advanced anti-jamming technique - allows speed readings while most guns are blanked or display error.
  • Wireless connection 
  • Allows for special customisation for each country and goverment requirement
  • Certification: FDA CDHR Eye Safety Class 1, IACP, CE
  • Enforced by Departement of Police of the United State, Honduras, Mexico, Australia, India, Cambodia, Vietnam ... 

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The founding team has a wealth of design and production knowledge in the law enforcement electro-optics and imaging fields.

Published : 8-Jul-2021

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