BINAR on today newspaper. The Straits times.
BINAR on today newspaper. The Straits times.

This device transmits images of speeding violations wirelessly back to the TP for processing. It can be redeployed to speeding-prone locations at short notice.

Marc Corporation Pte Ltd provides BINAR and its maintenance serrvice to the Singapore Traffic Police since years.

The company continues to provide proven record system and handheld product for tracking, tolling and enforcement. 

Should customers looking for MLFF (Multi-lane Free Flow), Stop & Go Tolling solution, ANPR camera, ANPR Patroling Mobile solution, Instand Speed Enforcement, Average Speed Enforcement Automatic System, Vehicle Behavior Analysis and Statistics with Singapore / Indonesia / Malaysia/ Thailand/ Cambodia/ Vietnam .etc OCR,  please feel free to contact us at 


Published : 1-Mar-2024

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