MSS turnstiles technology for public ideal pedestrian access control solution.
MSS turnstiles technology for public ideal pedestrian access control solution.

Our turnstiles technology: 

  • Anti-violent hit technology: despite from the traditional approach of strengthen the gate and rotating shaft, we use flexible structure to absorb the majority of impact force and return to its original position through self-buffering. This approach can withstand 5 times more impact than traditional method while avoid to destroy the mechanism and as a result create danger to passengers. High quality driving component such as motor and reducer are highly used as they can endure higher surge and have better shock-resistance capability.
  • Three safety=protection layers: namely IR sensors anti-clamping, mechanical anti-clamping and anti-collision by advanced electric current detection. The turnstiles sensitively detect users’ passing status and prevent hitting while keep it from abuse, illegal intrusion and tail-gating behaviors.
  • Extra-wide and extra-high passage way: There is always a limit on the high and the width of the barrier arms because the increased weight of gate will result in higher rotation inertia and hence create unwanted phenomenon such as slow motor motion, unsmooth rotating, unaligned arms and in longer term, More severe, it stresses down the machine and shorten its lifespan. By adopting high-quality DC brushless motor, electromagnetic clutch, high-performance reducer, precise positioning encoder, optimized system control, our turnstiles can load higher capacity of up to 10KG and as such, we can make extra-wide and extra-high arms.
  • Smooth and unchanged rotation speed, aligned arms: By using high performance reducer and high-quality brushless and servo motor and self-control algorithm, we can control the rotation 360°and exact up to 0.25°. Besides machine stress distribution are always calculated to be balanced hence the rotation will not be shaking, trembling and variant in speeds and both arms are always aligned.
  • Mechanical power-off auto-open technology*: Small UPS are used to open the flap wings during power shortage and emergency cases. This traditional approach has a drawback for long lasting, reliability and environment concern. By adopting special structure, our turnstiles open during emergency by pure mechanism and that is much more reliable.

Published : 14-Sep-2021

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