Road Safety, Traffic Incident Detection and Enforcement Solutions.
Road Safety, Traffic Incident Detection and Enforcement Solutions.

Millions of people died each year as a result of road traffic crashes. Researches showed that traffic incidents and fatalites can be decreased by  30% each year if automatic surveillance and enforcement systems are applied. 

In Marc Corporation Pte Ltd, we provide 24/7 traffic monitoring solutions, incident detection and data collection for various secuirty, enforcement and planning purposes. These solutions can be used in both goverment and private sectors with very low initial investment compared to their high impacts and returns. Let us list down our solution features for your reference: 

  • Automatic speed enforcement for multi-road lane in both directions without any limitation on the number of violated vehicles.
  • Fixed installation, mobile deploitation, police hand-held or patrol car mounting devices are all available.
  • Metrology-tested for laws enforcement and non-radar low cost solutions for corporations.
  • Red-light enforcement  at cross-intersection, rail-road and pedestrian crossway
  • Video image analysis of other lane, line and direction incidents. 
  • Vehicle classifications and vehicle search (by the license plate, color, brand and model of vehicle) for all type of vehicles including motorbikes.
  • Recognition of ALL vehicle plates (including non-violators) for public management and security purposes.
  • Detection of specific traffic incidents by Artificial Intelligent (for example: non-wearing of helmet while driving motorbikes, non-wearing of seat-belts while driving cars, carrying people on semi-truck vehicles, carrying more than the number of people that allowed).
  • Provision of statistics in charts and tables for road planning and management.
Our above mentioned solutions come from the leading manufacturer of this area in the world and we deeply understand about them to give you presentation at any time request. Please kindly send your request to for enquiries about traffic and road safety.

Published : 12-Sep-2021

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